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About Shentong

Growing based on innovation, Jiangsu Shentong is bound to be a globally-known top-ranking manufacturing base of special valves for the nuclear power, energy and chemical, and metallurgical industries.


Group Overview

Jiangsu Shentong is a state-level high-tech enterprise, an innovative enterprise, an exemplary enterprise of Jiangsu Province in energy saving and emission reduction....



We specialize in the research, development, production and sales of new special valves, and now own 276 valid patents, including 50 invention patents.


Stock Quotes

Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, we were listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 23, 2010.


A professional valve company successfully listed on the A-share market

We specialize in the research, development, sales, production and sales of new special valves. Our products are widely applied in metallurgy, nuclear power, thermal power, coal chemical industry, petroleum and natural gas gathering and transportation, petroleum refining and many other fields.


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Customer Service

We propose solutions within 8 hours after receiving the quality feedback from customers, and solve the problem in time.

Support hotline

President's Office: 86-513-83335318

Board of Directors: 86-513-83335899

Human Resources Department: 86-513-83335930

Metallurgical Marketing Office: 86-513-83335938

Office of Nuclear Power: 86-513-83620011

Energy Marketing Department: 86-513-83330958

Support hotline:


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